Behind Door #3: 
Choose With Your Eyes Wide Open

BY Jacki Gethner

Door #1:

Keep making the same kinds of choices based on what we knew way back when. 

Door #2:

Look to friends, role models or celebrities and copy their choices 

Ladies, it’s time to CHOOSE DOOR #3.

Door #3:

Gather all that information (who we were, what we knew, what others do) look at it with our eyes wide open and our minds and hearts engaged and make the choice that is best for the particularities of us in the present moment. 


It’s a whole different game now! 

Are you navigating a new world of dating and friendships to find happiness later in life while staying healthy and safe? This interactive book will give you the opportunity to be a catalyst for either self-exploration or the springboard for conversations around relationships in the later parts of our lives. It is not just about health and intimacy but also about knowing how we feel about ourselves and not being afraid to listen to that inner voice of wisdom. 

Jacki Gethner is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Drug & Alcohol counselor with over 30 years of sharing her skills nationally and internationally. After receiving the 2009 Kaiser Permanente Diversity Award, Gethner started the non-profit Women of A Certain Age (WOACA.) WOACA’s vision is to educate and empower women with skills to identify issues and implement strategies for having healthy personal relationships. 

Jacki is available for interviews, readings, presentations and workshops. 


Phone: 503-790-0974

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More About the Book

"an engaging choose‐your­‐own­‐adventure book as fun as it is educational."  — POZ magazine

When 64-year-­old Ann decides to try online dating, she finds both romance and one-night stands on the menu... Meanwhile, when the two‐years clean and sober Beth attends a convention, she has the unexpected opportunity to party. What choices will these and two other women in the book make? You, the reader, can decide in Jacki Gethner's Behind Door #3: Choose With Your Eyes Wide Open, an engaging choose‐your­‐own­‐adventure book that's as fun as it is educational. 

Please note: All proceeds for this book no longer go through WOACA, they go directly to Jacki Gethner. If you wish to make a contribution to WOACA, please scroll up on this page to find our fiscal sponsorship donation information.