The Girlfriend Guide was developed to encourage women to feel self confident as they age because as our bodies and our circumstances change through time, it is ever more important to take care of ourselves! This guide will also make it easier to strategize and prepare for the greater support you may need later in life, make sure that your medical needs are being met, that making new friends is easier and that you have the support you need to access regional resources that interest you. The more you use the guide, the more you will know and the more opportunities you will have to get questions answered.

The Girlfriend Guide may raise questions you haven’t thought about and should. It is available in several formats.  

Girlfriend Guide Available Formats

The Physical Girlfriend Guide

The physical Girlfriend Guide is a collection of powerful resources that you can choose to have shipped to you or someone you'd like to share it with. It comes in a beautiful handmade paper folder, to make it a pleasure to use and give to the important girlfriends in your life.

You also get the digital version of the guide for free, which you may use to print out extra copies and host discussion groups or simply send to friends as a gift. 

If you buy The Girlfriend Guide, you also will receive a free copy of "Behind Door #3: Choose with Your Eyes Wide Open". This choose-your-own-adventure book that helps women navigate the new world of dating and friendships to find happiness while staying healthy and safe.


Physical Girlfriend Guide
(Includes Digital Version + Free "Behind Door #3" Book)
$50 + $6 Shipping


A Digital Version of the Girlfriend Guide

This version of the guide has all the same content and resources, but you will be provided a digital download that you can print out yourself and share with friends or use in discussion groups. The download link will be sent to you via email within 24 hours of purchase.

Digital Girlfriend Guide

Free Girlfriend Guide Resources

For those who can't afford to invest in the full Girlfriend Guide, we have collated some important resources in the guide to share with you.


How Your Purchase Supports Our Work

While your purchase of the guide is not tax deductible, all proceeds of The Girlfriend Guide we sell go directly toward WOACA's continuing work and additions to the content of The Girlfriend Guide. 


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About the author:

Jacki Gethner, is a renowned international health advocate, activist and educator. She possesses over three decades of experience in counseling and bodywork, along with a history in the field of HIV/AIDS, where she has worked in collaboration with many civic and government agencies, health educators, faith-based organizations and pharmaceutical companies. She is recognized as a pioneer and seasoned healer in working with trauma and long term chronic/terminal illnesses with families and vulnerable communities through the use of integrative therapies.

Her work with Women of a Certain Age gives her many opportunities to educate and inspire, and her approach includes blunt and respectful conversation around sensitive topics including intimate relationships, sexual behaviors, the importance of Hepatitis C testing and treatment, and self esteem as it plays into all of the above. She is known for her playful style and keep-it-real perspective, removing the stigma on these topics and encouraging others to feel safe in discussion. Learn more about Jacki and Women of a Certain Age here.