A Message from WOACA Founder, Jacki Gethner

Dear Girlfriends and others,

WOACA's mission is to empower women, to educate them and their providers with skills to develop and sustain healthy relationships, and to support other women in this quest.

A recent WOACA survey illuminated gaps in resources available to us as older women, and underscored the barriers that exist between us and our clinicians. From the survey results WOACA can see the challenges we face when seeking healthcare, and especially when considering complementary (but not covered) services that are essential to our well-being. These essential services are defined as: vision, dental, cognitive, depression and anxiety, substance usage, sexuality, and social isolation.

WOACA is committed to breaking down the challenges and barriers older women face as they navigate the health system, negotiate care with their clinicians, and bring healthier supports into other aspects of their lives. We are creating an all-inclusive resource guide to aging that will support, educate, and empower women to confidently find the resources they need to thrive. WOACA will have guest contributions for specific issues, and will provide resources for preventable and treatable conditions, alternative care, legal forms, women’s groups, and community resources. We hope to offer this resource guide in Spanish and provide accessibility for women with vision impairments.

Is this a resource that could help you, your girlfriends, your mom, or your aunt? Please consider giving a charitable donation to help support this project and the creation of this resource guide. Donations can be made to WOACA via our secure Paypal website using the button below:

We are proud to be a 501C3 under the fiscal supervision of right2healthus.org.

Please share this message with those who wish to support and empower women.

Thank you,
Jacki Gethner, WOACA Founder