Taking on the tough topics has always been a challenge that Jacki Gethner's been compelled to take. For the past 20 plus years, the mantra 'think and live for peace' has resonated throughout the efforts of this Portland-based national award-winning health educator and activist as she brings hands-on healing to those struggling with life threatening illnesses, and to the family and friends who love them. 

"Gethner, an LMT, Certified Drug & Alcohol counselor and (Regenerative Therapies, 1987) has received accolades for her lifetime achievements including the 2009 Kaiser Permanente's Diversity Award which seeded the now flourishing non-profit Women of A Certain Age, a peer education program for women 50+ in addressing sexual health and high-risk activities through facilitating natural conversations among senior women about relationships and behaviors. She has also been awarded one of the Marigold Ideas For The Good , Bank of America, and other local  awards. 

Gethner, a seasoned healer and pioneer in prevention and self-care in vulnerable communities through the use of integrative therapies is an expert in preventative modalities; her holistic approach combines massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, and relaxation along with self-care techniques. 

Now adding to the impressive list of accomplishments is the release of her inaugural published book entitled, "Behind Door #3: Choose With Your Eyes Wide Open," written "to help women navigating this new world of dating and friendships find happiness while staying healthy and safe."

Her earlier years as a mental health worker in Denver, Colorado stirred her consciousness to recognize the body as the vehicle by which the mind suffers trauma, pain, and anxiety lending to people experiencing somatic complaints. After a certain age women retreat from their sensuality and often miss out on the pleasures of their sexuality. 

"My desire is for this book to be a catalyst for either self-exploration or the springboard for conversations around relationships in the later part of our lives. . ." said Gethner, ". . . it's not just about our health and intimacy but also about knowing how we feel about ourselves and not being afraid to listen to that inner voice of wisdom."

This upcoming Fall 2013, Gethner has scheduled several book signings and read-ins for the public. 

Visit her Facebook page or call (503) 790-0974 for dates, times, locations or to schedule book appearances or interviews.

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